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 Elemental Duel Academy Official Guide

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PostSubject: Elemental Duel Academy Official Guide   Sun Jun 28, 2015 9:00 am

Welcome Guest, here is the guide to EDA where you will learn all the rules and how the academy functions. The purpose of this guide is to teach new members how the academy functions and what to expect from us.

 Basic Rules:

Do not spam in the forums spamming consists of: (unnecessary posts, 1 word posts, multiple of the same post, etc.)

Members must respect staff.

Staff must respect ALL members.

Bumping dead posts/topics is forbidden (Bumping is pushing a topic to the top of the topics list)

Only Staff can bump dead posts/topics ONLY if it is deemed important.

Insults of any kind will not be tolerated (Racism, harassment, threats, etc.)

No pornographic or adult content. (There are younger users and anyone who violate this rule will result in being permanently banned!)

No stealing from this site. (This includes graphics, code, posts, etc.)

Swearing is to be kept to a minimum.

Only English is allowed in the chatbox.

Do not spam the chatbox (This will result in the violator being kicked from chat)

 How To Create An Introduction:

An introduction helps other users get to know you better. It's what puts out other peoples first impression on you so you want it to be good. To create an introduction first go to the introduction topic which can be located --->HERE After that you will want to hit the new topic button which looks like this:
Click Here:
After that just type out your introduction and once you think it looks perfect hit send.

 How To Rank Up:

The ranking system of EDA is unique to that of standard academies as you do not take a test to decide your rank. Instead every user will start in the lowest dorm and will have to work his/her way up. DP (Dueling Points) are used to purchase everything in the academy including a higher rank.

* Malenglacia Blue requires 5,000 DP

* Pyrorex Red requires 10,000 DP

* Grandsoil Black requires 15,000 DP

This system was made to encourage users to participate in more events and remain more active in the academy. This system also proves true skill and dedication.

 Ways To Earn DP:

Here at EDA there are many different ways of collecting DP. You can duel in the Duel Arena (The Most Popular Way), or if you want to gain a lot of DP at once you can compete in the events we frequently hold or participate in the dice games to test your luck. You could also start a GFX or deck shop and exchange other people's DP for your services (You would need to purchase a license from the market first before setting up a shop). Either way you choose to earn DP it's up to you.

This concludes the "Elemental Duel Academy Guide" thank you for reading.

EDA © Copyright 2015 Elemental Duel Academy. All rights reserved.

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Elemental Duel Academy Official Guide
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